The End and a New Beginning

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over at the kindred collective


We are away on a beach getaway up the coast! I’m just popping in to say that Volume 2 of The Kindred Collective was released today, and I’m in it! The theme of this volume is ‘firsts’ (in relation to motherhood) and is filled with many interpretations from some wonderful mums. You can read a teeny tiny excerpt of my piece above.

If you’d like to support me and the collective by purchasing a copy please use my affiliate link. This link will take you directly to the cart and means I will receive some of the profit. Thank you!

on the first day of spring


… it seems appropriate to talk about nature. I for one am completely ready to burst open the windows and doors to welcome the fresh, crisp air of Spring.

I read this article this morning on one of my favourite websites. What really struck a chord with me was this: “We’re at the mercy of the plants, the fungus, the beetles, the trees, the bees. They don’t need us, but holy hell we need them. No insects to pollinate crops, no food. No trees to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, no air. No plants, no life. That’s that.” The Planthunter

It is all too easy to drive around each day, barely noticing our surroundings. Our natural surroundings. To use our cars without thinking and to ignore nature for days on end. Well this is true for me, anyway. But on those days that I get out in the yard or in the sun or out for a walk, on those days my mind is clearer. Life has more purpose. I’m reminded of what really matters and the importance of our roles in protecting it.

So today, on this first day of Spring, close your eyes and let the sun play on your face. Smell the breeze and touch a leaf. Notice which plants are coming to life on the route to school/work/kinder… I’m sure just a little part of you will come to life too, after lying dormant over the Winter months.

you and me


I’m sitting here, in the dim yellow lamplight, in the deep yellow night, feeling the heavy warmth of you. The world is asleep, it’s just you and me girl. You nuzzle in close and whisper sweet primal newborn noises as you drink. The gently pulling lulls me into a deep, sleepy fog. I am aware of the fullness of you in my lap. Of our closeness. But I’m warm and my eyelids are solid weights. We sleep like this, breathing in each other’s dreams, gaining comfort from each other’s warmth on these cold winter nights.

I wonder, will you remember this? Will your skin retain these memories of our bodies, more together than apart in these initial days of knowing each other? Of my flesh feeding yours, enveloping you still, holding you and loving you, every skerrick of me aching to be near you, to stare at you and freeze this moment in time, to carve your image inside my eyelids.

I wonder, when you’re grown and I’m old, will you look at me and feel a glimmer of this, will something tug at your skin and remind you, will you pause to look at me again and will your bones remember this closeness we share, this inability to be apart, this moment when we are two bodies, but no distance between us could separate us?

I wonder, when you’re sitting in your bed in the deepness of night, when you’re holding your own baby close and breathing her in, when you’re sitting in that warm private cocoon and it’s just you and her and nobody else, will you wonder about us, about this?

i like making things

IMG_3242If you hadn’t guessed from my last post, I’ve been having a few pre-full-moon-coniptions about where I’m headed in this life and who I am and all that super heavy stuff that some part of me wishes that I would keep to myself instead of continually vomiting out on social media like a crazy cat. (I promise, I’m utterly normal and boring and suburban in my real life, believe me.)

I started to ask questions about why I’m spending  so much of my spare time sewing, crocheting and making things to sell. I wondered why I was putting so much effort into thinking about my etsy store, markets, blah blah. I wondered why I cared so much about food and what we ate. I wondered why I spent so much time planning meals and cooking when I could be doing other things. I wondered why I didn’t do something with my time that earned more money or made me seem more important (ha!).

Truth is, I don’t have a degree and career background in disability and community development because I like money. I was lead in that direction because I like people and I like connecting people and I like helping to make the world a better place. It is just something I like so I went with it.

Same goes for creativity. I like making things. I like cooking. I get a kick out of recycling materials and watching something appear out of an old jumper or a sheet. I like cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I like feeding people. I like writing about it sometimes. And it sounds crazy but I think all the sewing and following patterns and experimenting I have done over the last few years has made me a better cook. Honest! But most of all I just love thinking things up and cutting and playing with fabrics and stirring and sipping and seeing my girls running around in pants made from their daddy’s t-shirts and hats hooked by my own two hands with food I’ve cooked spilled down their fronts.

I have never been someone who does something because it is going to get me a lot of money. I can’t pretend to like things that I don’t. I can’t go to a job or engage in activities that I don’t feel passionate about and keep a smile on my face. I’m a sulker and I would certainly complain a lot if I tried to make myself do that.

There you have it. I like people and I like making things. I like food and I like cooking. They are a few of the things that make me happy outside of mothering. So I will keep on keeping on. I will stitch and cook and stir and snip and hook (of the crochet variety). I will eat food and think about it. I will get super annoyed when I go to the supermarket and they are kicking independent brands off the shelf. I will make as many ethical choices as I can. I will go back to work some time in the new year and I will work in a job that makes me happy because it makes other people happy. I will sell some things and not worry that I didn’t get paid adequately for the time I put into it.

Because doing things that make you happy are worth a lot more than money. But you knew that already, right?

P.S. Apologies for all the repeated photos… Alas, this blog is full and I don’t know what to do next! So in the meantime I’m using photos from my media library.

run away with me…


I have spoken many times before of my busy mind. I have recently gone back to yoga and could. not. be. happier. It is the only – only! – thing I have found that allows me some respite from myself. 

Thank goodness! Yoga!

I can’t believe I lasted so long without it… actually, I didn’t really “last” as such. I was in such a state that Prince Charming dove for the credit card, threw my mat into my arms and pushed me out the door one cool night a few weeks ago. Now that I know I have that blissful 90 minutes each and every Tuesday night, all is well in the world.

Last night when I arrived my brain was flipping from the washing to the bills to the dishes to the pixie to the caravan and around and around she goes. By the end I was a serene goddess, breathing in prana and golden energy, floating home without moving my feet, white light all around. 

This morning Birdie and I practiced some postures to prepare us for the day.

Yes. I will go back again next week. And again, and again, and again. 

What do you do to relax?