one hour

I’ve been given an hour. One hour. One whole hour.

Half of it has already gone.

I made a cup of tea, checked my email, chopped some potatoes for dinner, and wandered around a bit nervously trying to choose what to do next. Then I sat down here at my very neat and clean #konmaried desk.

While I’m here with everyone around my head often drifts off to far away places, imagining all the things I would do if I just had five minutes.

Now I’ve got an hour and suddenly I’m here alone, overwhelmed with the prospect of what to do first. So there will be no photo accompanying this post. I don’t have time to find one.

I’m a little high on sugar having just got back from a birthday party, so that is not helping with the decision making process.

Sugar, caffeine and exhaustion… what was I saying about evaluating our diet in my last post? Someone, please remind me, quick!

That is all, I have to go and stare at a wall for a few minutes before my next task. Bye for now.


4 thoughts on “one hour

      • it shocked me a lot! i already knew cows are a big cause of pollution, but i couldnt imagine it was so serious. i don’t eat meat (ok, some good ham from time to time) but my husband does, and so it does my daughter, and i never buy cow meat, though he drinks milk with his coffee and wendie eats yogurts a few times per week. it’s the only cap they still didn’t get over

      • Me too. I thought I was well educated about it but it gave me a number of things to think about!! We buy free range/organic meat which I thought was for the best… for us maybe, but not the environment…!

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