there are peanuts in my bed


I am absolutely ravenous. I can’t stop eating. I am an eating machine. I hide food from my children and take bites when they aren’t looking. I eat the contents of lolly bags they are given at parties after they have gone to bed.

This is me: the breastfeeder. I am a lot more prone to “cravings” while I am breastfeeding than when pregnant. I like food at the best of times, but when a small human is sucking the life out of me at two hourly intervals, I’m a food obsessed monster.

I spent a foul twenty minutes on the coles online website last week searching variations of “m&m’s” to no avail… mandms/m&ms/m and m/m and m’s… etc (take note coles, you lost $5 because of this and made me very mad).

I met some girlfriends at a friend’s place today. While they were drinking cups of tea I was hovering around the kiddie table, stealing watermelon fingers from the childrens’ plate.

The thing I love about this is that it’s the one time in your life you can eat like a killer whale while simultaneously feeling like a supermodel because you’re still getting used to feeling 20kg lighter than you were a few weeks ago. Best!

So excuse me while I go and prepare my bedside snacks for night time feeding… a tasty selection of nuts and biscuits tonight I think, or perhaps a bag of corn chips, or maybe a handful of choc chip cookies…


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