2015-01-15_1421359253 I’ve spent most of the weekend awash in a flood of hormonal tears. After spending the day out Saturday I was exhausted and… hungry. Worst pregnancy combo ever. I wanted to get a pizza and dear Prince Charming suggested we make some toasted sandwiches instead. He held back smirks as my eyes quickly welled up.

“Why are you laughing at me?” I moaned, “It’s not funny.”

“I’m not laughing!” Came his reply as he turned to look the other way.

Sure PC, sure.

I removed myself from the room to cry some more in private on the couch. A bit of channel flicking did the trick; as they say with kids, there’s nothing like the power of distraction. Prince Charming came in with some toasted sandwiches for me and tried to make a joke. I made some sort of miserable response and he threw a tea towel at me, laughing. It hit me in the eye and the flood gates opened again.

Oh dear. My red eyes this morning made me laugh.

I am trying my best to let the ebbs and flows of pregnancy take me with them, knowing that each phase is short and they come and go like the wind. Mostly I’m taking note of all The Emotions and able to quietly continue on with my day.

But really, when a pregnant lady wants a pizza, wouldn’t it be easier to just say yes? 😉


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