news in dot points

* I ran my first workshop for teachers the other day at the not-for-profit I work for. One of the teachers fell asleep.

* My step-grandmother passed away a fortnight ago. At the funeral, my sister (who has Down syndrome) snuck in on the private family viewing and then proclaimed loudly to me that the body looked like a zombie.

* I booked a surprise family weekend away in Gippsland to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. When I excitedly showed Birdie photos of the house we are staying at she proceeded to burst into tears and said she would miss her own bed.

* I thought it was about time I did something motherly and domestic, so I decided to vacuum. Then I vacuumed up a sock and now I can’t vacuum any more.

* The Pixie was having a wonderful time in the bath, KB and I sat by the side of the bath talking after a long day. It took us a few minutes to realise that she was studiously playing with a giant turd of her own making. Birdie then hysterically tried to get away from the poo and it chased her around the bath.

That’s all my news of late.

Hope you’re all having a fabo weekend with your families xo


6 thoughts on “news in dot points

  1. That’ll teach you to vacuum 😉 Sounds like you’ve had a few ‘funny’ life moments lately. I didn’t realise you had a sister with Down syndrome. I think it’s interesting that I felt connected to your writing, so finding that out makes a few more puzzle pieces fall into place somehow. Enjoy your anniversary weekend… I’m sure Birdie will love the new bed when she gets there 😉 x

    • Oh what a lovely comment, yes I was drawn to your blog the moment I saw photos of your beautiful family and noted the connection 🙂 I don’t write much about Em on here as it is mainly my place to talk ‘motherhood’… but I do have another blog dedicated to her at if you would like to have a read about the other side of my life – I also work in the disability sector and have done since finishing school. Also you might be interested to know that Emily is 19 months younger than me (making her 30 years old). She is married (her partner also has DS) and they live together in a unit on their own. They have a support worker who comes in four times a week. Would love to chat to you more if you ever want/need! Thanks for commenting and yes I totally should have skipped the vacuuming!!!!! xxx

    • Thank you Fay! And yes, I was just thinking “that email looks SO familiar!” Am I right in remembering you worked at the uni and supervised my placements? And did we have a connection while I worked at the DSAV too? Motherhood and sleepless nights have clouded my memory of any life before it!

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