here we sit

IMG_1228Once again the forces of motherhood have intervened to teach me daily lessons of patience, gratitude and mindfulness.

We have been holed up for over a week fighting off colds and sore throats and various viruses. I am getting better at this process. Cancelling everything, slowing down, sitting down, being in the here and now. Trying not to feel frustrated. Dishing out teaspoons of olive leaf extract, stirring glasses of vitamin c, slicing and grating ginger and garlic into drinks, tea, and meals. Events of late have reminded me to be grateful for the opportunities to heal and grow and cherish the present moment.

We spent the weekend at my in-laws beach house. I took just a small bag of books and toys for the kids. It was unbelievable how little mess there was to clean up! Gave me some serious motivation to clear out the toy shelves at home (again). We spent the majority of the weekend lying on the couch reading books and watching kiddy movies (Frozen, anyone?) and aside from feeling a bit wretched it was bliss.

This morning I had a job interview. Motherhood stepped in again to remind me that I was no longer in control of my own life, with the Pixie waking up at 5.30am for a leisurely spew. And another a little while later. As I mopped the kitchen floor, flicked peppermint oil this way and that and got down on hands and knees to clean vomit from the floorboards, I remembered a time when a job interview would have had priority over all other things. Thankfully I managed to exceed my expectations, get dressed, do my hair, free myself of any germy remnants and be on my way. As my Dad put it in a text message he sent me earlier after hearing of my morning: No wonder women often develop extraordinary resourcefulness.


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