popping in

Pip’s list: for times when stringing words together in any coherent manner is just absolutely not going to happen.

I am…

making a ripply crochet rug.
cooking about to head to my kitchen to make banana cake and mung bean kichari.
drinking coffee, spearmint tea and water.
reading Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus after just finishing Tim Winton’s The Riders a few nights ago.
wanting to clean my house Mary Poppins style.
looking for some motivation today.
playing hide and seek every day.
wasting time.
sewing nothing! Must change that.
wishing I would go to bed earlier, but each night I defy myself and stay up late. Damn you Nashville!
enjoying the beginning of Autumn. Oh, how I love love love Autumn.
waiting for some new shoes for Pixie in the post.
liking seasonal yummy delicious Autumnal foods.
wondering whether I will get a new job soon… and what it will be like to leave my girlies.
loving wearing my slippers for the first time this year.
hoping to start a new bedtime routine with the change of season.
marvelling at how well Birdie is going at kindergarten.
needing to do some life admin.
smelling eucalyptus and peppermint oils in my oil burner.
wearing jeans and cardigans and light scarves and loving it.
following my heart.
noticing subtle shifts in the weather, the skies, the landscape.
knowing that when my motivation is lacking, a new day is around the corner.
thinking about putting the kettle on.
bookmarking job advertisements…
opening pencil cases for the kiddies.
giggling at the antics of two sisters.
feeling a little bit tired, a little bit slow, but also optimistic.

Link up in the comments below if you decide to play, so I can pop over and have a read. xo


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