in a nutshell


Found a snazzy little list at meet me at mikes (thanks Pip!) and given my computer cord situation I figured a quick post is a good post. If you want to play you can copy and paste the blank list from the link there above.

Making : a mess
Cooking : mushroom and pea buckwheat risotto inspired by this recipe
Drinking : strong coffee
Reading: The Power of Ashtange Yoga by Kino MacGregor
Wanting: a thermomix
Looking: at the Pixie destroying piles of folded washing and Birdie flying a scarf “kite” around the living room, basically watching the contents of my house flying around my head.
Playing: duplo with Birdie
Wasting: coriander at the bottom of my fridge. Sad face.
Sewing: felted wool chook puppets
Wishing: I could enrol in this course so badly bad.
Enjoying: The Time of Our Lives
Waiting: for Prince Charming to get home…
Liking: grapefruits being back in season!
Wondering: what life would be like if I had a nanny… and a cleaner.
Loving: Birdie and her antics
Hoping: I can shake this virus roil soon
Marvelling: at Veggie Mama and her organic box speed cooking
Needing: sleep
Smelling: pooey nappies
Wearing: $7.99 ebay harem pants from China which go against every moral code I have. #fail
Following: new peeps on instagram
Noticing: blossoms appearing on the trees outside my window
Knowing: it would be in my best interests to have a shower
Thinking: about the girls weekend I have coming up NEXT WEEKEND!
Feeling: sick
Bookmarking: recipes
Opening: bills
Giggling: at Birdie and her new found love of toilet talk… I mean, trying hard to discourage it too… of course…
Feeling: sick (twice on the list so I can complain and whinge some more?)

That’s it! Come back and tell me if you complete the list so I can have a look!


7 thoughts on “in a nutshell

  1. OMG. How good is The Time Of Our Lives. I love it too. I missed seeing Claudia Karvan on the telly… and I love Justine. And I like LUCE too! And Herb. I like it all a lot! Thanks for doing my list! YAY!

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