run away with me…


I have spoken many times before of my busy mind. I have recently gone back to yoga and could. not. be. happier. It is the only – only! – thing I have found that allows me some respite from myself. 

Thank goodness! Yoga!

I can’t believe I lasted so long without it… actually, I didn’t really “last” as such. I was in such a state that Prince Charming dove for the credit card, threw my mat into my arms and pushed me out the door one cool night a few weeks ago. Now that I know I have that blissful 90 minutes each and every Tuesday night, all is well in the world.

Last night when I arrived my brain was flipping from the washing to the bills to the dishes to the pixie to the caravan and around and around she goes. By the end I was a serene goddess, breathing in prana and golden energy, floating home without moving my feet, white light all around. 

This morning Birdie and I practiced some postures to prepare us for the day.

Yes. I will go back again next week. And again, and again, and again. 

What do you do to relax? 



4 thoughts on “run away with me…

  1. Yay! Glad you got your yoga on! I think your read my blog… I do a daily sadhana that I learned from the Art of Living… yoga, breathing, and meditation. Could not last without it! A while back, I was teaching a yoga class and I always said to the people that it was my only uninterrupted 90 minutes of being able to do yoga without a toddler jumping on me 🙂

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