a full night’s sleep

A brilliant, blissful, full and deep night’s sleep. Yes, I got to have one. The lovely Prince Charming gallantly and bravely took on last night’s night shift with the kids. I hid away in our back room under many woollen blankets and slept. I even slept long enough to remember a dream. It was a bit of a spooky one, but it was a dream nonetheless. I used to remember my dreams every morning. Now, I can’t remember the last time. I woke vaguely each time the Pixie (or Birdie) woke but was able to drift back off with a bit of yoga breathing and quiet thoughts.

The Pixie only had 2 wake ups compared to the 3-4 she has with me, and I was wondering if she was more satisfied with a full belly from the formula in the night rather than breastfeeding overnight. This morning when I expressed I expressed a substantial amount less than the amount she drank from the bottle with Prince Charming overnight. Questions, questions. Trying to let it go and just relax with the memory of waking up in the night simply to roll over and go back to sleep again. Absolute bliss!

The biggest difference of all with such a giddy amount of sleep? I woke up feeling happy.

Dreams or no dreams, that hasn’t happened for a while.


8 thoughts on “a full night’s sleep

  1. Hmmm … I know what I’d be doing if my little darling would drink from a bottle!!!!!! Inspired by your plan to sleep I left a bottle for Drew to do the 11pm feed …. No takers!!!! So glad to hear you have woken up happy – nap today to keep the sleep momentum! Take another night of sleep tonight!! enjoy the sunshine with your beautiful family!!

    • Hmm, yes, our conversation yesterday did cross my mind! Oh boo Lexie!! More practice needed with the bottle little darling. I don’t know if I could do it to KB two nights in a row, but perhaps the last feed of the night (before midnight) could be a full bottle of expressed milk and then I’ll see what happens in the early hours…

  2. Miss “S” is 2 years and almost 8 months – and a good night for me is only waking ONCE! So glad you got a good night – its so important to restore the sleep stores. HUGS from a momma that knows how hard it is to not get any….and by any… I mean sleep šŸ™‚

    • Ah yes I hear your plight! Birdie is 3 and often still wakes in the night. Before being a parent I honestly thought it was just a couple of months of less than ideal asleep before things went back to normal. Silly me!!! Thanks for the hugs xxxx

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