comfort food

As the season [finally] changes and the air becomes crisp and we all feel a bit twisted this way and that, I welcome the chance to cook warming, comforting foods. While on maternity leave I am also always looking for meals that are good for the purse. I don’t like to call food frugal, simply because frugal doesn’t sound all that tasty. But y’all know what I mean.


Here’s a little sample of our table in the last couple of weeks.

Something naughty: homemade pizzas using a pizza dough recipe from my amazing friend Anna (who also was my guidance counsellor and trusted coach with The Cake). It does feel a bit naughty to eat pizza, but we don’t eat pasta and rarely eat wheat with our meals so a treat now and then is fun. Would you like to make your own pizza? See the recipe below…  I’m sure you could substitute the flour for a flour of your choice… why not?


{Unfortunately the pizza was gobbled up so fast I only have one picture of the last piece, about to go in the fridge}

Something nice: eggplant parma, recipe courtesy of Veggie Mama.

Something soothing: chicken noodle soup, a hodge podge of homemade chicken stock with rice noodles, some miso, coriander and tamari. Perhaps some ginger and garlic as well? I can’t entirely remember what went in this but oh my, it was delicious.


And tonight we had:


Buttery french onion and lentil soup (thanks Meg x), a recipe sent to me via text yesterday which within a few hours I had bubbling and simmering in my blue pot on the stove in the cool evening light.

Despite feeling run down and tired and absurd, I love cooking. I love chopping and stirring and even sometimes lately I am choosing to slowly wash some of the dishes in the sink instead of throwing them in the dishwasher. There is something therapeutic about dipping each dish under warm water and bringing it out clean and dripping. I still hate putting dishes away though, there is nothing therapeutic about that.

Homemade Pizza Dough

Sift 330g (approximately 1.5 cups) of self raising flour by hand with:

:: 2 tsp salt

:: 4 tsp castor sugar (I just used raw as I had nothing else)

:: 2.5 tsp baking powder

:: 1 tsp olive oil

:: around 300mL warm water

Add water in small amounts until the dough feels good. Wrap in gladwrap for 20 minutes. Spread out onto two pizza trays. Blind bake for around eight minutes at 200 deg (celcius).

Add toppings of your choice and bake until the cheese is melted and golden. There is a really yummy selection of topping ideas here.



3 thoughts on “comfort food

  1. haha I know what you mean by frugal! And yes, I love making my own pizza although I am trying a gluten-free diet at the moment, so will be using a cauliflower crust 🙂

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