lying on the couch

That’s where I’m at. We’ve had a massive weekend and I am seriously pooped. I can’t believe… and I may be jinxing myself here… but I can’t believe that BOTH girls are asleep this early in the evening. Usually I rush around like a mad hen doing millions of things from The List. Tonight I’m giving myself a night off to lie here and pretend I’m still tucked away in our little caravan.

We just got back from South Gippsland today where we spent the weekend, as we very often do. I had my first birdie said market at Kongwak yesterday which was a whole lot of fun, but considering the amount of time and energy it took me to get organised, I can’t say it will happen again any time soon. I may just be sticking with etsy for now. Can I just say that one of the funnest parts of the market was meeting – in real life – Kitty who, until yesterday, I only knew via instagram! And even then I actually can’t remember how we came to follow each other a while back. Is that funny or what? It was great to meet you Kitty!

Every time we go to the caravan we dream of leaving the city and moving to the country. Even though we live in a very leafy and community minded part of town, it’s town nonetheless. We both feel a calling towards the clearer air, bigger spaces, ocean and smaller communities. Lucky for us both our parents have little holiday hideouts that we are free to use. But every time I come back from South Gippy I am on checking out our future home…

Then I freak out and wonder how and why I would ever go anywhere and would I be scared and would I have no friends and would I be lonely and sad or would the waves crashing and green rolling hills be company enough?

Anyway, there are no photos of the weekend right now to accompany this random ramble as my camera is in the other room and as I have explained, I’m on the couch and nothing bar a screaming baby is going to get me to move from here in the next hour at least.

Has anyone else made the move away from family to another place? To the country? The beach? With young kids? What was it like? Pros/cons?

While you get back to me with all your stories, I’m off to soak up the couch time a bit more. Mean Girls is on, but I promise I’m not watching it.


8 thoughts on “lying on the couch

  1. Hi Lucy

    We’re in the process of a big move to the country! We’ve just brought a block in Margaret River and sold our house. I was so relieved it sold quickly. It’s hard work keeping a home neat and tidy for home opens with a 1 year old and 3 year old. We are in the process of packing and moving to a rental in the city while our house is being build in Margaret River. Last night I had my first proper meltdown…which is very out of character for me 😦 It’s full on…lots of things going on at once. And emotional for me too. I’ll be leaving my family behind. It’s 2 and a half hours to Margaret River for my family…so not the otherside of the world…but I will miss my parents. They help out in lots of little ways that makes our lives easier. My husband grew up there and his family is there. And I have a good friend half an hour from where we’ll be living 🙂 My husband will be leaving his job as an engineer and working in anything he can get…so it’s a big leap of faith for us as a family…but I’m sure we’ll be ok 🙂

    We definitely want our little ones growing up in the country…around nature and a small comforting community. And we want it for ourselves too. So we’re confident that we’re making the right choice even though we have mixed emotions.

    Ahhh, just wrote a big essay! Most life changes I think involve a bit of stress, mixed emotions, a little bit of fear and excitment.

    I’m enjoying following your blog Lucy. I hope your Easter was a wonderful one. Your two little girls are so gorgeous 😀


    • Thanks for your lovely comment Nicole! My bestie lives in Perth and I hear Margaret River is a really beautiful place, we plan to go some day – some day! A beautiful place for young children to grow and learn. Sounds like you really are in the thick of it with the move, but remember – this too shall pass! It’s a good thing that you have your husband’s family down there, I’m sure it will make a difference. What a big change for you all – love the essay and hearing about your updates, especially now you are no longer blogging! 😦 Maybe with you new life you’ll have more time 😉

      Thanks again, your comment made my day. Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well xxx

  2. Moved to a windswept Cape on an island a good five hour journey from the city. With a newborn. Hard, very hard. I had pnd but may have had it in the city too. It was highly stressful, moreso because of the moving house to remote location with new babe. It’s still hard nearly two years on…the difficulties seeing friends and socialising a little one. And the logistics of shopping and appointments and my work… urgh! But holy moly… the lifestyle and the landscaes are amazing! Lots of trade-offs I guess. I’m sure it would be infinitessimally easier without the extreme remoteness/new baby combo.

    • Sam I’m sorry it’s taken me so long, I wrote back to this the other day and wordpress ate it 😦 I look at your photos on instagram in amazement! What an amazing life you lead on that cape. I’m sure there are many challenges to such isolation and I admire you for making it through with newborn, I can imagine the difficulties. Thank goodness for the internet and insta, hey! xxx

  3. Hi Lucy.
    I’ve been meaning to comment for days… well, you know how it is.
    I say take the plunge!
    If you move to a community that has like minded people, you’ll make friends in no time. I’ve really struggled with the making new friends part. The next town we move to we’ll do our research and try to find one with a good dose of alternative peeps.
    We can’t ever picture going back to the big smoke. Even when we go to visit, it’s just so overwhelming.
    Also, in the country your house really becomes a home. Going anywhere, often means a long drive so there’s a lot of time spent at home. Life becomes a lot simpler when that happens.
    Oh gosh, I hope that’s not too much of a jumbled comment.
    Hope you have a lovely, restful weekend.
    Kitty x

    • Hi Kitty, a few more days for me to write back – yes! I know what it’s like 🙂 Out of interest I saw there is a Steiner playgroup in Kongwak… did you ever try it out? Or maybe it’s not running anymore…

      I love the sound of country life. Hope it’s not a case of the grass being greener…

      Don’t worry about a jumbled comment, my mind is one big jumble so it all made sense!

      Luce x

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