this morning

This morning I have…

:: showered

:: breastfed

:: expressed


:: rattled a toy in my left hand and tried to sneak the bottle into the pixie’s mouth with my right hand. My trick failed dismally.

:: eaten cold toast

:: eaten cold eggs

:: picked things up off the floor


:: dressed a fairy

:: had my temperature taken with a crochet hook by said fairy (thankfully, I am fine.)

:: watched play school

:: crocheted a row of the happy blankie


:: cuddled a crying baby

:: cuddled a crying toddler

:: cuddled a crying baby and a crying toddler at the same time

:: put the baby to bed

:: shed a few tears myself when the fairy was dancing and fell into me while I was taking a photo and my camera hit me in the face


:: fit into my pre-baby cargo pants

:: danced a happy dance around the bedroom in my pre-baby cargo pants

:: put some soy burgers in the fridge to defrost for dinner

:: re-heated and sipped some hot coffee

What are you all doing today?



6 thoughts on “this morning

  1. This morning I have…
    Checked my emails (twice)
    Pulled coconut oil around my mouth for the first time
    Made almond milk
    Drunk a green smoothie, a green tea, and a decaf coffee (with almond milk!)
    Started a new book in my hammock while eating FAT on toast
    Got restless so went for a walk to Ceres
    Sent a few texts
    Done the dishes
    Stopped myself from buying more than I went for at the organic grocer
    Eaten a buckwheat and nectarine muffin
    But mostly, wondered how I’m going to get used to this working part-time thing!

  2. This morning I have:
    -played dress ups
    -picked up the whole collection of marbles off the floor … again
    -breastfed twice
    -cooked lunch for toddler
    -heated some pumpkin for baby and ended up spooning it one mouthful for baby, one mouthful for toddler (new sibling rivalry would help me get some veggies into toddler)
    -watched Play School … 2 episodes
    -picked up dry dog food that was thrown over the floor
    -cleaned up dogs water that was spilt over the floor.
    -untied dressup grass skirt from baby’s fingers after leaving little miss dynamite on the mat for 5 mins whilst I helped toddler toilet.
    -checked Facebook and got frustrated with the usual people
    -text my mum
    -ate warm toast and drank hot tea thanks to sand play on the table
    -cleaned up mammoth mess created by sand play!
    -blown a million bubbles to distract toddlers attention from the agonizing 15 min rice wait!
    -thought about going for a walk but then it rained and the motivation was gone
    -done the ‘Dinosaur Stomp’ a million times!
    -dressed children but opted for trackies myself
    -cursed people who fit into their pre pregnancy clothes!!

    And then, at midday on the dot, bubbas in bed, I fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours, awoke and read your post! Hope you have a tear free afternoon and more of the fun stuff! Xx

  3. That post is great! It gave me a ver big happy face and I find it very interesting to know what other people are doing at any particular time. Mine however was quite a bit different and certainly too boring to type about 🙂

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