IMG_3205January is just about to come to a close, the first month of 2013, done and dusted. Despite all the shenanigans that are [still] going on around here which have prevented me from getting back to my normal flow, I’m pleased to say a few pre-baby things I did regularly have come back onto the agenda. Namely, going to the library and cooking. Two things that The Biggest and I used to do every week without fail. Cooking… sigh. I’ve missed you. I don’t have much to say about it, I’m just so thrilled to be whipping up some proper meals for my family again that I had to mention it.

On my bedside table this week you’ll find the pile of books above. When I was pregnant I told you about all my favourite books to read during pregnancy. One of them flows over into my favourite parenting books list – Sarah Buckley’s Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering. Definitely a must if you are pregnant or parenting peeps.

I’ve also read bits and pieces of Buddhism for Mothers from time to time. This year I am reading it from cover to cover. Even highlighting bits! (Dork). When you just have one kid it’s much easier to find a flow and generally just Be Nice. When more than one are in the picture, for me, it has become that much more of a challenge to stay patient and calm, particularly on long days in the house when your toddler is continuously poking the baby and you’re still in your pyjamas and the kettle has boiled eight times but you haven’t had your coffee and the baby is crying and you have to feed both of them at the same time but you haven’t made anything for the toddler and she is pulling your pants down while you’re trying to walk around and the kitchen is covered in dishes and you can’t see the floor and… you get the picture.

I absolutely love Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth. I read his books or watch his show nodding my head eagerly in my living room, yes, yes Hugh! So true, so true. I’ve always got one of his books or DVDs on hold at the library and this one, River Cottage Veg, Everyday! just came in this week. I’ve cooked three recipes from it already and have a few more planned for over the weekend. Yum! Since reintroducing meat back into our diets, we are aiming to have red meat just once a week or a fortnight, fish once a week and chicken once or at most twice per week which still leaves a lot of room for delicious vegetarian recipes. We have eaten vegetarian all week this week, just because, and I have to admit I am loving it and not missing meat in the slightest.

The Rhythm of Family [side note: for the life of me, I can NEVER spell the word rhythm, just one of those weird things, the dreaded red squiggly line comes up every time I try to write it, without fail…] is another favourite that I have dragged back off the shelf. It’s jam packed full of seasonal family activities. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to improve upon living seasonally – both in the kitchen and in the activities that we do, and traditions that we celebrate, so this is a great book to have on hand.

The bottom two self sufficiency books I haven’t had much of a chance to look through yet. I’m not about to go off the grid but we are forever working towards living a more wholesome, natural and seasonal life so I’m picking up books and information here and there to help us on our way. At the moment we are still crying about our poor dried out veggie patch which died a slow death while we were away on summer holidays. The tomatoes have survived… just, but that is about it. Onward and upward, though!


5 thoughts on “reading

  1. I’m glad you are finding time for a few pre-baby things….some great books there.
    I have that Rover Cottage book on my ‘to borrow and read one day’ wish list. It sounds good.

  2. Hello,
    This post actually made me laugh (twice !) I was going to purchase a copy of buddhism for mothers so I could highlight bits as well!!! and I can ONLY JUST spell the word Rhythm – it took me ages to get right!!!
    You have a lovely blog, I read it often but don’t think I have commented before.

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