on the hook

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My hands have been oh-so-busy-busy over the holidays. They have been hooking and flicking and pulling and winding. There is nothing better than craft to quiet my busy mind.

And let me tell you: I have a busy mind.

It is always tick-ticking and speeding and jumping and racing. It plots and it schemes. It’s usually up to mischief of a grand scale and it often doesn’t let me sleep. If it were a car I would be off the road and most likely in jail, for surely sure.

So I make. I hook and sew and cut. I’d like to draw, but I don’t do that. Scribble sometimes, but I can never quite translate the picture in my mind onto paper, without using words. I’d like to knit too, but haven’t managed more than half a scarf. That might be on the list for 2014.

This is what I’ve been making lately. Fun-make, not serious-make. Serious-make is planned and purposeful. Serious-make is fun but scheduled and probably for me to sell or to give. Fun-make is just going at it and having a little plan but not caring if the wool runs out or you skip a stitch or if the colours don’t really match. I do have an idea of where this is going, but I am going to keep it to myself for now.

I’ve dragged up all the odd balls of wool that I had sitting around the house. A few were in a jumble, so I talked my mother-in-law into re-balling them for me while I made her a cup of tea and hooky-hooked [I’m sure there is a more official word thanΒ re-balling but I think you’ll understand what I mean].

Here I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s the secret to finding time for crochet. Are you excited? Here goes… you put it all in a bag, with your hook, your scissors and a little crochet help book in case you get stuck. Then, you take that bag with youΒ everywhere you go. It’s simply amazing how fast it begins to happen then! A hook here and a snip there, a few trebles and there you have it. Simple as that.

Don’t you love the feeling at the start of a new year, the feeling of your head brimming with ideas of what you are going to make/cook/do this year?


6 thoughts on “on the hook

    • Thank you! They are all colours I am not naturally drawn to, so they have been sitting in my basket patiently waiting to be picked! Now that I’ve finally put them together I’ve realised maybe I am a brights girl after all! X

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