rough and tumble

Your first baby is such a delicate little treasure. You inch your way around them when they are on the floor, gingerly pass them to your husband. You cradle their floppy little heads and support their necks and watch on with anxious eyes as other people hold them the wrong way. You softly wipe their faces and bottoms with the gentlest touch. You don’t listen to loud music and avoid the television when they are around.

Enter: second baby. They are thrown this way and that, dummies hurled into their mouths, things waved in their faces, grabbed out of harms way at a moment’s notice as a toddler hurtles towards them. They are poked and prodded by chubby fingers and asked, “Do you like this? Do you like THIS?” Poke, prod, shove. They are in the car and out of the car, listening to toddler tunes and shrieks and stomps.

Oh, how times have changed.


4 thoughts on “rough and tumble

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a lot as we are expecting our second in March, and although we aren’t there yet it is obvious that this one’s babyhood will be quite different from my first’s! I love the photos… especially the look on the baby’s face as your toddler kisses her!

    • Thanks Karen, yes it is quite different the second time round, but still marvellous in many different ways. It’s beautiful watching my big girl become a big sister, and I can see by the way that Saffron watches her every move, she is going to be the most popular person in the house! x

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