life in the slow lane

Wow, two bebes… I have had a few moments of feeling rather pathetic, wondering how families with more than two babes cope? I look at someone like this and am in AWE.

Today is my first day alone with my two little birdies. It’s 11.15am and I have survived breakfast, had a shower and I am dressed, albeit in trackies. The kitchen is semi clean and I’ve had a coffee (two). Figure I’m doing ok. Pixie has slept through most of all this, so I am wondering what I will do when the newborn cloud has lifted and she is awake more. Any tips?


4 thoughts on “life in the slow lane

  1. Hey Lucy! It’s weird congratulating you via technology, but all the same: Congratulations! About the two babies thing…Val was a very relaxed baby until he was four months old when the world became very interesting to him. The luck of growing babies is that they do their growing one little bit at a time so you can adjust. I’m finding this part (a five and almost three year old) the most difficult because they both want a lot from me at the same time. Both want fun, snacks, novelty, adventure which is physically tiring more than anything. I haven’t got it all figured out, but it works for us to share the space with family and friends sometimes so that their thirst for adventure is being taken care of by a range of people, not just Mum and Dad. Also, there are some things that just aren’t getting done because the priorities are 1) Fun, 2) Basic tidiness and organisation. I figure most of everything else will have to wait until…well…I don’t know. Good luck to you my love! It’s quite a ride. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Luce, I agree with Sarah, you have so many people around you willing to share the load and you are doing such a fantastic job anyway! It would be weird if you were full of energy and completely organised (remember that). XXXXX

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