tantrum town

The other day I mentioned we were having a spot of the old hissy fit around here. Yes, I have been known to throw a few. But right now the toddler is learning to put her foot down. I always heard about the ‘terrible twos’ but my little darling was such an angel I never thought it would happen to me. She still is an angel most of the time, but certain [odd] things all of a sudden have my easy going girl getting her knickers in a knot in a split second.

Example One:

N: “Mummy, what’s this?” [points to a photo of a dingo]

Me: “It’s a dingo.”

N: “No, no, NO! It is NOT a dingo!”

Me: “Well, it actually is.”

N: “It is not, it is not! No!” [subsequent wailing and kicking of the legs]

Me: “Uhhh…” [Where to from here?]

Example Two:

N: “Mummy, where is your water?” [we are driving in the car]

Me: “Oh, I think I left my drink bottle at home by accident.”

N: “No, no, NO! You did not! You did NOT leave it at home!”

Me: “Well, actually, I did.”

N: “No you didn’t! You did NOT!” [shakes head vigorously (ie. thrashes) from side to side in car seat, wailing]

Me: “Uhhh…” [Where to from here?]

Example Three:

N: “Mummy, let’s see a kangaroo.”

Me: “Ok, keep your eyes open, we might see one.”

[Pause. Kangaroo does not magically appear.]

N: “I want one WIGHT NOW. Let’s see a kangawoo WIGHT NOW.”

Me: “They might be sleeping.”

N: “They are NOT sleeping. They are not!” [again some shaking of the head, leg kicking, moaning, etc]

Me: “Uhhh…” [Where to from here?]

We are having similar situations arise on many an occasion, like when I am asked where we are, and the answer “we are at home.” just doesn’t cut it.


But just look at this face. Do you believe me?


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