a gathering of sorts

You are invited to a gathering of women to help bless the way to motherhood (again!) for Lucy.

Please join us at: [address]

on Saturday 15th September at 3.30pm

In replace of gifts, we would love for you to bring:

A bead to make a birth necklace

and a quote or thoughts of encouragement and wisdom to share with Lucy on her journey.

We look forward to enjoying your company and a cuppa as Lucy approaches this transformation…

from mama of one, to mama of two.

Please RSVP to Liz (Lucy’s sister) [number] or [email]

I wasn’t too keen on a baby shower. The idea of a full blown mother blessing wasn’t really me either. But the thought of being surrounded by some awesome ladies and getting an injection of their positive energy to take with me throughout the rest of my pregnancy and impending birth sounded pretty darn good.

So, with the help of my baby sis, we held a gathering of sorts at my place over the weekend. It was so perfect, and exactly what I needed. Since Saturday I have been on cloud 9, ready to enjoy the last few weeks with my little babe, before he or she decides it’s high time to meet me.

I thought I would share the invitation and some photos, for others who might be interested in having their own version of a mother-blessing-baby-shower-gathering-of-sorts-with-some-ace-ladies.

When you have a ‘proper’ mother blessing, from what I have read, it can be quite structured. We mainly just hung about and enjoyed good food and company in the sunshine (we certainly were blessed with the weather!). The more formal side of the afternoon was done in a pretty casual manner, and included everyone adding a bead to some thread for a beautiful necklace I am now wearing, a book was handed around for people to write some lovely things in for me (soooo many lovely things, thank you girls!), and my mum wrote a beautiful blessing for the little babe, which she also did for N while I was pregnant last time. My mum is such a talented lady, and I will treasure the poems she has written for my two babes forever. Thanks Mum.

It was such a special afternoon for me, even more so than I imagined. I ummed and ahhed about whether or not I wanted to do anything special, and I’m so glad I did. I have been feeling a bit crappy of late, so to celebrate my pregnancy and the upcoming birth was exactly what I needed.


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