my toddler’s bedroom

A while ago I wrote about a few little changes we were making around the house. Now being 36 weeks pregnant, I am desperate to move things, pick things up, throw things out and scrub everything in sight, but instead I am sitting here reading blogs and complaining internally about sore hips, heavy belly, tight feet and the like. And so, inspired by Veggie Mama‘s latest post, decorating a toddler’s room on a budget, I decided to share more about the things in N’s room and where they came from.

It got me thinking about how much money we had actually spent decorating and furnishing her bedroom. When I thought about it and ticked off the things in there, I realised we have probably spent about $50… literally. Sorry kid. But your room really does look great! I think, anyway. I have friends who have gone all out ‘designing’ their child’s room. If I had the money I’m sure I’d be all over it, but we don’t and I have an unfortunate (or incredibly FORTUNATE, depends how you look at it) love of the thrift, thrill of the find, the op shop, the treasure, and hence we have managed to collect a lot of great stuff along the way.

When we painted N’s room not long ago, I was inspired to start again and get a lot of the crap out of her bedroom. I began by doing a bit of googling… I was inspired by white and wanted to end up with something like this (which I think I found on pinterest, sorry for lack of credit… yikes) —

I also love the photos that Jodi posts of her house and her kids’ rooms. You should check those out too, beautiful.

Thinking about all of that and using everything I already had on hand (the key to this makeover was getting RID of things, not buying anything new), this is what we have ended up with, ‘scuse the night time photos —

My mum, aunty and sister’s raggedy ann dolls from when they were kids; a card I liked that I cut out and put in a white frame – this was on our bookshelf in another room; my Nana’s little porcelain boy and girl.

In the background – my Nana’s favourite doll which used to sit on her bed.

A mixture of hand-me-down, vintage, collected and other books given to us as gifts. Most of these though were mine from when I was a kid.

Little white chest of drawers from hard rubbish (yep, score!!); white lamp my mum was throwing out, heart shaped wooden bowl from the op shop (I think this was 50c); salt lamp I actually paid for and bought new, I think it is the most expensive thing in the room at around $30. We use the salt lamp as a night light, got the idea from a friend and it is fab!

Hand-me-down cot we were given from a friend, I made all the sheets and bedding with vintage and secondhand sheets I had in my stash; toys were all presents.

Silver letters my sister was getting rid of (helps when you can share things amongst family).

Paper light shade from the local $2 shop which I already had before N was born; wooden chest of drawers my sister was getting rid of; along the window – cardboard bunny from my aunty, little vintage angel picture from a friend, another card I liked which I stuck in an old frame.

I wanted to get something for the wall above the cot, scoured etsy for ages looking at wall stickers and so on (could not believe the prices!!) and opted to make my own bunting flags with vintage sheets I had in my fabric stash. Will add a photo of those when I can.

And that’s it!

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a room cosy and workable. You just need to have the eye for treasure!

We have recently done our bedroom too, will make sure I post on that another time.


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