letting go

The last few weeks have involved such a process of letting go. I have been struggling deeply with some pregnancy related things not going ‘to plan’ and I have certainly found it a challenge, to say the least. I have spent a number of weeks working myself up and now feel I am slowly winding and edging my way back down again, to a place of contentment, ease and hopefully – of peace. That’s what I have my sights set on, anyway.

Being a parent is the most challenging thing I have done in my life, and the feeling of responsibility and overwhelm that can come with have a tiny being inside you, for me, the second time around, has come with both the greatest joy and the deepest pressure. Pressure to get it right, to eat right, think right, feel right and do the right thing. I’m slowly learning to take the pressure off myself and let go of a few things – both within myself and in my life around me – to make the road easier for me, the little one, and the rest of my family.

In the meantime I have wheat bags coming out my ears for the various clinics I have make them for, and I just purchased this pattern the other day and can’t wait to give it a go. I haven’t crocheted anything beyond millions of hats and granny squares so wish me luck!


One thought on “letting go

  1. I don’t think these feelings ever subside as even though I planned, last pregnancy and the one before, to just relax and enjoy the pregnancy, I spent a lot of time worrying, mostly about how I would cope. I did cope and looking back I wish I had stopped worrying so much. Letting go of what isn’t necessary and listening to your body to slow down (even though you can’t slow down much with a toddler!) always helps. Hope everything is well xo

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