the itch, the urge

Do you have it too?

Ticking away at the back of your mind?

The itch, the urge, the drive to MAKE?

The amount of time I spend thinking about making things, you would think I would have a truckload of completed creative pursuits surrounding me.

However I’ve decided I spend a lot more time looking at ideas and saving them to my bookmarks than actually doing things myself. Darn!

Here are the things I am dreaming about creating right now…

:: Knit baby pixie hat (I can’t knit though… well, I can do a basic k and p but would have to look up youtube to remind me)

:: Crochet baby cardi

:: Felted hot water bottle cover (so cute)

:: ABC magnets (thinking about these for little-person Christmas presents)

And here is something I actually have made in the last week:

:: Tie-top baby beanie

:: STILL working on completing the crochet blanket I’ve been working on for over a year!

What are you making this week?

Are you having a baby? What’s on your to-make-for-baby list???


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