the first lemons

When we moved to our home 4 years ago, there was a little lemon tree in the corner of our backyard. As we shuffled things around, built a deck and took out some plants, we decided to move the lemon tree. It sat for over a year in a pot at the suggestion of a gardening friend, and we pulled off any buds to let it conserve energy until we found a suitable spot for it. We eventually re-planted it about a year ago.

I walked past it the other day to see our first lemons! They seemed to appear out of no where. One day I noticed one, a week later there was another.

Tonight we used half of one in these ginger soba noodles to which we added cabbage, broccoli and corn, as well as some tamari. I didn’t have any tarragon so used thyme and coriander instead. We fried some nice crispy tofu to go with the noodles. Delicious!

There is something getting at the leaves though, and I am no gardener. Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “the first lemons

  1. mmm yes, our lemon leaves are a little curly too…. if you find the problem- please pass on the solution!!

    Lovely blog you have here, im new to word press being a ‘blogger’ blogger myself! Lovely to meet you!

    xo em

  2. Sorry can’t help with the lemon tree dilemma, but have to say how lucky you are to have one. I’m afraid it’s far too cold to have a lemon where we are unless you are fortunate to have a greenhouse or a north facing brick wall. I have neither (for now). The noodles sound lovely. Also loving your collection of foxes. Such a charming idea for a gift. I’ve always admired you sewing style.

    • Thanks Tania, I feel very lucky to finally have a few lemons, and it appears more on the way! So lovely of you to say I have a sewing ‘style’ – made my day! xx

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