handmade presents

I’d lost the flow a little when it came to handmade birthday and other presents, opting over the last few months to buy little bits and pieces after making up excuses about lack of time, ra, ra, ra.

Then, on Sunday we went to a lovely little birthday party for a lovely little 2 year old girl. On Saturday night I had a little skim through my bookmarks and decided upon a set of three boxy foxes in a little zip pouch.

And here they are.


Cute, right? I didn’t use the suggested material, but these little guys were pretty easy to put together. Although… I tried the eyes on one and decided the others would have to go without… sorry little foxes.

I also never, ever buy wrapping paper. A matter of principle, maybe. Instead I recycle wrapping paper given to us, and at the moment there are a plethora of paintings coming home from Montessori, so the lucky presentee receives a card with part of an original Baby artwork sewn to cardboard or whatever else I have lying around. Sometimes I cut up brown paper bags that we are given things in and use the cardboard to make cards.

Check out See Kate Sew‘s other tutorials here. She has some awesome and fun ideas, and the tutorials are clearly set out and easy to follow. Yeah! Thanks Kate!


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