eco oven cleaner

A while ago my brother in law and his partner moved house and I offered to go and help clean the kitchen the day before they moved in. Having rarely… embarrassingly enough – never – cleaned the oven in my house, I couldn’t remember exactly what was involved. I was handed the oven cleaner and told to read the instructions carefully. I couldn’t believe what I read – wear gloves, protect arms, eyes and face, if you accidentally come into contact with the product wash immediately to avoid burns, don’t leave the stuff in the oven past 30 minutes, don’t allow it to come in contact with any nearby surfaces, ventilate the area well, etc, etc. This stuff was so toxic that it stung my eyes and throat in the small amount of time it took to spray it in there and close the door. It frightened me that allowing this type of product in our homes is now considered the norm.

So when I finally decided this week – months later… don’t hate me! – that it is probably a good time to clean my own oven, I knew I had to find an alternate solution. We now use homemade cleaning products for almost every area of our house – bathroom, windows, kitchen, and a few weeks ago I made our first batch of laundry powder. I can now add oven cleaner to the list. I used this recipe from This Whole Family.

I was sceptical of how well it would work, because despite the horridness of the commercial oven cleaner, it did a bloody good job of getting every skerrick of muck out of that oven. I’m pleased to say however that the eco version also worked wonders! Yes, it did take a bit of extra elbow grease, but what nesting pregnant lady doesn’t love a bit of that action? It satisfied my cleaning urge as well as resulting in a lovely fresh oven – sans chemicals.

When I pulled this out of the oven tonight, knowing that it wasn’t caked in chemicals, I was one happy mama.

Do any of you make your own eco cleaning products at home? Feel free to share links to your recipes! I’m on a green cleaning rampage.


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