our generation

I was watching Baby reading tonight. Prince Charming and I were finishing off our dinner and having a chat at the table. The little tot took herself off to the bookshelf, threw a few books around before selecting the one she wanted. She walked over to the couch, climbed up, hauled a teddy up behind her and preceded to flick through the pages. This occupied her for a few minutes, after which she brought the book over to show us.

We were talking about her children, and wondering if they would ever be sitting on the couch reading books, or throwing books around in piles. Feeling the texture of the pages, the weight of the cover. Flipping through and looking at the pictures. Getting a paper cut. And does it really matter? Does it add to the experience of reading? Is it part of reading, to feel the slightly rough surface of a page beneath your fingertips?

We imagined the same scene, Baby on the couch, skimming her finger across an iPad or kindle, reading a book she had chosen from a list of pictures on a screen. I don’t mean to sound old fashioned (or do I…), but it just didn’t seem to hold the same magic.


4 thoughts on “our generation

  1. My little one uses both (the iPad sparingly) and I just think they are different experiences, one could replace the other but I don’t know that they will. Either way it’s lovely that you are fostering a love of reading!

    • Thanks Lila, I think it’s great to have a balance and it’s lucky we are still there. We got to thinking though that the generation following this one might not get to have that balance, which I think is a bit sad. And yeah, reading is tops!

  2. yep – the e reader definately doesn’t have the same magic.

    This post actually made be a little sad. I wonder how different my daughters bed time reading routine will be with her own children?

    • Sorry to make you sad Tricia! We were sad too, chatting about it and wondering what the future holds for our grandchildren. Hopefully they will still have the opportunity to read real books at our place, if no where else!

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