27 weeks

Time is funny when you’re pregnant.

It’s fast. But slow. It seems to fly by and change constantly, but when you look back to the day when you first found out, it seems like a life time ago.

27 weeks now. It’s hard not to compare to my first pregnancy. At the same time though, it’s hard to remember what happened and when the first time around. It’s hard to imagine a baby that isn’t my Baby, now a toddler! It’s been a slow process this time, connecting and acknowledging a new life, brand new, different. Allowing the time and the space to nurture a connection between me and this new little bub, kicking and flipping around inside, vying for my attention.

I so enjoy being pregnant. I feel lucky. The whole experience amazes and excites me. There are certain discomforts, but the miracle of it all overwhelms me and I try to focus on that.

I suspect due to some sort of imbalance I suffer from a terrible case of baby-brain. Or maybe it is just Mother Nature’s way of ensuring that the pregnant woman goes within when she needs to. I did get mighty vague last time too, but not this early! People have been suggesting upping the omega’s and so on, which I am doing, but at the same time I have to admit it’s a rather nice place to be. Blissfully content and mainly unaware of external interference. Vague and slightly on the ditsy side.

It’s ok.

I’m enjoying the pregnancy bubble, for this time around I know that nothing lasts forever.


4 thoughts on “27 weeks

  1. I adore being pregnant too 🙂 And I really enjoy being off with the fairies. It’s the one time a woman can have her head in the clouds yet feel so earthy as well…well, that’s my experience anyways… I’ve just reacquainted with your blog and it’s so wonderful that you’re expecting another one. Enjoy this beautiful time.

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