jimmie jams

Thanks to some inspiration from Tania at ivy nest the other week, Baby now has two new pairs of pyjamas. I bought the tops from the op shop and made the bottoms with made-by-rae‘s great big butt baby pants pattern. We have a cloth nappy wearing kid and I reckon these pants are the bomb for any big booty bub.

The first pair were made with some hand-me-down fleece that someone gave me a while back, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it… until now. The second are made from a bunny rug I also picked up second-hand the other day. All in all the jimmie jams cost me about $3 for each pair, max.

You’ll have to excuse the red marks around the applique on the tops. Silly me traced the circles using a red texta, then placed them straight onto white tops… won’t make that mistake twice. Oh woops… I did. Anyhoo, next time I’ll be more careful and use something practical, like a proper fabric marker or something like that.

Wouldn’t mind a pair of these in my own size. Who wouldn’t want a pair of pants made from a blankie? Made-by-rae… you do big butt pants patterns for grown ups?


5 thoughts on “jimmie jams

  1. they are great LUCY! I always have a giggle at your sewing muck ups… reminds me of me… but your much more persistent!
    If you get an adult patten can you send it to me? Id love some big butt pants myself!xx

  2. They look gorgeous! It’s quite satisfying to make something that will be worn often for next to nothing. The bought ones leave a lot to be desired these days. Thanks for reminding me of the big butt baby pants pattern. I purchased it the other day and I’m now waiting on some time to trace them onto fabric.

    • Thanks Tania for providing the inspiration while I was stuck in the house wondering what to do, what to do!!! She is very proud of her pyjamas and keeps saying “you made it for me?” as though I have hand stitched pyjamas with golden thread or something. Anyway, makes it certainly does make you feel good to make something from nothing/very little.

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