the loonnnggggg weekend

Usually I love a long weekend. I always love a long weekend actually, who doesn’t? This one was a little different as Baby was more ill than we thought last week. We had two visits to the doctor over the weekend (thankfully they were open on a public holiday) and after a little bit of stress, a suspected case of pneumonia (which turned out to be a secondary chest infection luckily) and some antibiotics later she has woken up this morning smiling for the first time in days.

It’s funny how you always wish for more time at home (or I do, in any case) and when you finally have that opportunity you are bored or frustrated or just don’t know how to use the time. I’ve had A LOT of time at home over the last week, but have ended up feeling trapped and a bit depressed. Yesterday I was moping around and couldn’t shake the sulks… how old am I again?

I’m not able to go to work today because she is too unwell to go out and can’t go to Montessori. I’m glad of a ‘day off’ as looking after her has been exhausting, but I was also so apprehensive about today – starting another long week with PC off to work and me at home, alone with the kid. Yesterday I actually dreaded being left alone to entertain her for the day, again… I felt so guilty about it. She has been mighty cranky, and a cranky toddler is just so much harder to deal with when you’re home alone. We haven’t been able to see any of our friends with kidlets because she is still contagious, so it’s been just us, at home, me trying to keep a smile on my face. I sound horrible, right?

Last night before going to bed I decided I was not about to waste another day with the sulks, and we were going to have a brilliant day today, despite being under the weather. We’ve watched way too much Tinker Bell and Play School over the last week, in our attempts to keep the kid lying down and resting, and I can now understand how easy it is to fall into the routine of turning the television on when the going gets tough. Even after just a few days of relying on tv shows, I was wondering what I would do today to entertain her without either switching on the telly or taking her out of the house, which I don’t want to do until she’s a bit better.

I decided today we would make our first ever nature table for the onset of winter which has just arrived down under. I was so excited as I think she is finally old enough to begin to understand the concept of seasons, and doing something fun together this morning without the telly (despite her persistent requests for ‘fairies’ – how quickly we become addicted!) was just what we needed. I’ll post more on it later but we’ve made a pretty good start.

Other than that, our weekend consisted of resting, some good wholesome food, immune boosting soups, reading books, and I also managed to sneak in a day trip to Daylesford with my lovely friend Em.

What did you get up to?


4 thoughts on “the loonnnggggg weekend

  1. Ahhh yes. I know just what you mean. At our house, on day three of being indoors, we all break into the song from Muppet Treasure Island (we’ve watched it too many times), “We’ve got cabin fever! We’ve got cabin fever!” Being inside makes me nutty, and makes my children want too much TV, and it makes it harder for me to think up activities to keep them happy. I don’t feel bad for occupying sick children with TV because to me, that’s just exactly the time for movie marathons on the couch with hot tea and honey on toast. I use the same principle at birthday parties for party food because parties involve sugary snacks and sugary snacks belong at super fun birthday parties, so, yes, we can eat quite a lot of lollies and cakes at the party. But not at every moment of every other day because party food is party food. I don’t have much more than that to offer you, but, one type of inside fun that we do when we are unable to go outdoors is cubby building, which we’ve recently been using our two-person tent for, complete with a tea party, teddies, music, snacks, games, etc. Good luck! It’s not easy and you’ve chosen to do it in ways which call for constant creativity, charm, ingenuity and inventiveness. Otherwise every day, you’d just switch on the TV and give her the lolly bag. xoxoxo

    • Sounds tempting!!! Another long day indoors and I am feeling very nutty right now that’s for sure!!! But we made it through without the tv which is good because I think that would have made things even nuttier. Maybe Play School and cubbies will be in order tomorrow! xxxxx

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