this week…


:: Trying to be patient while nursing a snotty toddler back to bouncing fit… still waiting for the bouncing fit part, but despite being a bit baggy eyed we are doing ok.

:: Feeling hungry all the time but not knowing what to eat, so mainly just sticking with eggs, bacon and the mini magnum egos I begged my mother-in-law NOT to leave in my freezer!!! (Lucky dilemma to have, I realise.)

:: Getting inspiration from ivy nest and making Baby new jimmy jams. Made a couple of pairs, will post more pics next week! (Thanks Tania, just what I needed to get me through a bad case of cabin fever with aforementioned toddler.)

:: Trying to give some attention to the little being kicking away inside me.

:: Keeping warm on cold nights with my new hot water bottle, which sports the label “HOT DATE”. Prince Charming not too impressed, but I am in love. My last one burst all over me at the start of this winter – mental note, do not leave hot water bottle full of water in cupboard over summer…

:: Looking forward to a day trip to Daylesford this weekend with my soon-to-be-jet-setting-adventure-bound-bestie. Love ya.

Happy long weekend in Australia folks. Hope it’s a goodie. x


4 thoughts on “this week…

    • Thanks Michaela, took this one handed with the camera upside down! Poor little tot is not much better today but we are getting there! She’s been asleep for 2.5 hours (midday nap now) so here’s hoping it helps x

  1. Did you make the pj’s she is wearing in the pictures? If so, they are amazing! so talented, you are.
    And yes, the picture of you holding her is gorgeous xxx

    • Hey al, thanks for the comment! 🙂 I did make the pjs! I have a pattern for the pants, and you’d better not look too closely at the top. I just got the top from the op shop and sewed a circle of the material onto it. xxxxx

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