chesty cough remedies

It’s that time of year. Baby has been very brave this week, pushing on through a nasty cold. Yesterday it moved into her chest and as I type this I can hear her coughing a deep rasp every now and then in her sleep. Poor little poppet.

I’ve been looking around for some herbal remedies that I can give to her to help ease the discomfort and work through the cough. She is still a chirpy little thing but I can tell she’s tired. She is crying at the drop of a hat and waking in the night. Last night she slept with us from around midnight and woke up this morning all clammy and sweaty.

From what I understand of a chesty cough, the phlegm or mucus needs to be broken up so the body can get rid of it. When Baby is sick we use a vapouriser in her room with eucalyptus oil while she sleeps. I also usually make up a cough/cold syrup for her (actually for all three of us) based on a friend’s recipe (who will soon have a blog that I can link to – S.A.?) but this morning I decided this particular cough needs something a bit more than my usual mix.

I found a few recipes online, and combined some ideas to make this super simple tea for Baby this morning…

Chesty Cough Remedy

:: freshly squeezed juice from 2 lemons (I only used 1 as I only have 2!)

:: 1/4 cup of manuka honey

:: the recipe didn’t call for water, but I added some… you can imagine drinking straight honey and lemon would not be the best. I also didn’t want my low-sugar eating kid to be bouncing off the ceiling after one sip. Not ideal.

:: I added some chamomile flowers too as Baby and I are both loving these at the moment. You could possibly add whatever type of loose leaf tea you enjoy, that would compliment the honey and lemon.


Bring to a boil in a saucepan and set aside to cool slightly.

Yeah… not 100% sure!

But she did go back for more! She didn’t drink the whole thing, probably about a quarter of that little mug. I think it is easier to get her to take smaller amounts of ‘medicine’ rather than a whole cup of tea. But the warmth and goodness tea can provide is excellent, so I’m going to persevere!

Here is the cough syrup mix I usually make. I would give her little medicine cups of this throughout the day, maybe 5-10mL.

Cough Syrup

:: 1 tbs apple cider vinegar

:: 2 tbs manuka honey

:: water to taste if needed


Combine with a spoon and drink. Can be made in larger quantities and used throughout the day if needed.

*For us grown ups around here I would often also add some crushed garlic, ginger, tumeric, cayenne pepper – or whatever combination of this you can handle. Yah. Grimace. Not the best tasting but it works!

What do you give your little ones on days like these? 


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