around home

I’ve been trying to spend some more time at home this week. Last weekend we celebrated my 30th and my grandpa’s 80th birthdays with family, went to a christening, got up early for a birthday breakfast and finished it off on Sunday night with a birthday dinner. This is on top of our regular swimming lesson and morning market type weekend activities. Baby didn’t have either of her two day sleeps due to being out and about and falling asleep in the car for [literally] 30 seconds before getting home on one of the days which was enough to give her a boost of energy to last until evening, apparently!

By Sunday afternoon I found myself in a big weepy heap in bed with Baby and the laptop watching Play School and mopping at myself with a hanky, trying to pull it together to get ready to go out for dinner. It ordinarily would have been just a busy weekend, but being half way through a pregnancy as well, things are finally starting to catch up and my mind and body are both saying slooooowwwwww dowwwwwwwwn.

During my first pregnancy it was easier to have time to myself and connect with the little being growing inside me. Being pregnant was all I ever thought about. This time I have to really make a conscious effort to put aside the time to think about, connect and be with my ever expanding belly. Yoga once a week is helping, and a pregnancy meditation CD that I had last time has been great, just listening to one track before bed to finish off the day.

I think the most important thing I need to do at the moment though is to stop booking things into every spare moment of time I have, and just enjoy some more time around home.


3 thoughts on “around home

  1. oh Lucy! You are amazing, your home is getting so funky and homely! great to see all your crafting 🙂 Happy Birthday and book in a pajama day… it can be a tear saver :). xxx

  2. ps! I was going to stop crafting, cos I was getting too impatient and finding it annooooooyyying, but now that I have seen your gorgeous place mats, I am going to copy them and make some too…maybe even some for a friend…oh lord!

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