can’t blog…


I believe during the last trimester of pregnancy this is more commonly known as nesting. However. I’m not in the last trimester. I am a few weeks into the SECOND and it seems this desire to clean and scrub and polish and tidy and neaten everything in sight has taken over me. The last few weeks has seen me develop a serious passion for serious grime. The grimier and sticker and older the dirt – the better. Don’t judge me for what I’m about to say. If you think you might, please stop reading now.

We have a really old stove hood (is that what they’re called?). Not sure how old, but it’s cream and mission brown and ugly and old. Until the other day, I didn’t know that if you pulled at the front of it, it comes out. And you can clean it. I was just wanting to change the globe. The globe blew about 3 years ago. We moved here about 3 and a half years ago. I’ve been cooking with no light for THREE YEARS. And not bothering to do anything about it. So, on a light bulb changing mission (changed about 7 in one day, and that’s saying something for someone who is well known for labelling it ‘the husband’s job’) I discovered that this thing comes off the hood of my stove, and was absolutely plastered in grime a little dirty. I cleaned it.

I noticed that the curtains in the study were a bit dusty. I cleaned them. Same with the curtains hanging in the doorway to our lounge room. So I cleaned them too. The barbeque (husband job alert, husband job alert!!!)… there are no words to describe the barbeque. Needless to say, today I cleaned it. While up to my eyeballs in barbeque grime, I didn’t notice Baby dipping a cloth into the bucket of filth-filled-soapy-water I was using, and washing her legs, arms, face and clothes with it. So I cleaned her. Then I cleaned her clothes. Then I cleaned the bath that she had been in.

I swept the deck, I scrubbed the smutty edge around our sink. Today I have swept the kitchen floor… I think we’re up to four times now. I re-hung the curtains, I cleaned underneath the cot and change table. I changed the sheets, I mopped the bathroom. I have scrubbed and cleaned my stove so hard that now one of the gas jets isn’t working. I re-arranged all of the bookshelves. I soaked and cleaned Baby’s bath toys. I’ve done umpteen loads of washing, and followed through, ie. all clothes, towels and sheets have been appropriately laundered, dried, brought in, folded and PUT AWAY. This is not a common occurrence in our house.

Those who don’t know me personally, please note: this is highly, highly out of character for me. I like to be tidy and clean, but as a general rule I am not very good at it. I try. But in being-kind-to-self-type-language, there is room for improvement. Our house, in its ‘default state’ is not the type of house that likes being dropped in on by kindly friends and family. We are embarrassed often. Sigh.

I was saying to my aunty the other day, that if there was one word that could describe being pregnant for the second time around it would be MORE. Feeling More pregnant, More symptoms, More early (‘scuse the English). Can’t imagine what it’s like for the third, fourth… fifth time (anyone game?)…


Added note: I forgot to mention my recent discovery of those amazing white magic marker stick things. You get them a bit wet and then wipe things with them. And Everything. Comes. Off. Including crayon and pencil on white walls that has been there for… a long time. I’m into natural cleaning and don’t have a chemical in sight in my kitty – but have [purposely] refrained from looking to see what the hell is in them!!!  


One thought on “can’t blog…

  1. I know exactly how you feel about those “white magic marker stick things”….I love how effective mine is – but I’m avoiding looking up what i’ts made out of….it definately doesn’t feel very natural.

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