everybody likes playdough

Today, we made playdough.

Lovely, gooey, soft, roly poly playdough. Last time I made playdough it was a disaster. There are photos somewhere on this blog as I was quite proud at the time. Last time, I only had wholemeal flour and I didn’t think anyone would notice. So the playdough had tiny lumps all the way through it. I mucked up the recipe and tried to improvise half way through, adding a bit more water, a bit more flour (repeat, repeat, repeat), trying to make things right. Nothing about that sticky playdough was right.

This time I used Tricia’s fantastic playdough recipe. When she says it will take 30 seconds, she means it! It was super quick, super easy and super popular (with me mostly).

I think this could be really good as a present too, presented in the right way.

You should try it!


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