welcome, autumn

I love Autumn. Something about the moist smell in the air after the first Autumn rains, wearing shoes instead of sandals, taking along a cardi. The birds sound different in Autumn. Things smell different, feel different. I feel like something within me awakens once the stifling blanket of summer disperses.

This weekend, we said goodbye to Summer and welcomed Autumn by…

:: taking a trip to spotlight for some wool – it’s crochet time!

:: getting outside

:: walking

:: cooking – red lentil and pumpkin soup, dahl, buttery toasted sandwiches…

:: resting

:: sewing

:: enjoying watching my little girl’s independence grow and blossom with some independent play (YAY!)

:: watching Charlotte Gray

:: Oh, and did you spot the notebook? That’s right, I’m back at school kids! Just started back last week, studying naturopathy!! Should take me… oh let’s see, around 7 years???

:: eating chocolate (despite my nutrition lecture almost making me swear off anything but broccolli for the next decade)

Hope you had an equally wonderful weekend. We are off to the caravan on Wednesday, I can’t wait.



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