It’s been slow going on the blog this year, hard to get back into a rhythm and routine after summer holidays. Today is Prince Charming’s first day back at work and although I’ve been really looking forward to getting back into my regular day to day flow, when I was sitting at the breakfast table alone with Baby while she demanded: “Mummy do dit” and waving her spoon in my face, I felt rather tired and a tad depressed.

The house was quite a mess and I struggled to get out of my pyjamas at a reasonable time. It’s funny when this happens as I always have that nasty feeling in my stomach like I’m in trouble, when I have my pyjamas on for too long. That feeling you used to get back at school when in trouble with a teacher or something like that.

Anyway, we made everything better today with pizza. My step mother was telling me how she made pizza last week using her bread maker. Seeing as we have the same one I thought I’d give it a shot.

It was SO EASY. Ridiculous really, as I have a breadmaker with a recipe book for every type of dough, bread, thing under the sun and I have only ever made my traditional wholegrain loaf of bread, week in, week out.

For the base I used water, organic wholemeal spelt flour, olive oil, salt and yeast. For the topping I used chopped tomatoes, my first ever homemade pesto (lots of firsts going on around here), chopped mushrooms, zucchini and thyme and covered with cheese.

I thought it was delicious.

Baby put one tiny piece in her mouth and said “bit yuck” before spitting it out.



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