getting organised

I feel like I am in a constant state of getting organised but never actually reach the pinnacle of being organised. I was on the phone to Mum the other night and she was sitting on her back deck having a glass of wine. I want to do that! I know we are in different stages of our lives and I have a toddler, but I felt so disgruntled. Why can’t I Get It Together? I have a deck! I have wine! But almost all of my spare time is spent doing something. I always feel like I’m one step behind and never truly on top of things.

Being a school teacher, Prince Charming is still on holidays. Which means we have been doing some serious organisation around the house. We’ve got stuff out on the nature strip (anyone want a filing cabinet?), we’ve moved furniture around, we’ve taken two boot loads of things to the op shop. There has been lots of hammering going on too. I think we’re slowly getting there.

My main goal this year is to be organised and by organised I mean having systems for things like bills coming in, budgeting, cleaning, washing clothes, and so on so that I have some time to relax without constantly thinking about those things!! We have a few things in place like a meal planner, a weekly planner and we are testing out an iPhone app to record our bills and spending.

I was reading a few blogs the other day, searching for more ideas as to how to get our family in order (maybe too much reading and not enough doing is why I can’t get organised?) and boy does the lovely Heather from beauty that moves seem to be one super organised gal. She even has something called a Home Management Notebook. Wow. Anyone who has something like that is on a pedestal in my eyes. I had never heard of such a thing!

Then there’s all the people who have a certain day of the week for doing certain things like bread making, food shopping, clothes washing, etc. I have never understood how you can manage to have just one day of washing each week in particular. Do those families do like a million loads of washing on that one day? We do a wash every day and still seem to have piles of clothes everywhere. And the bread… do you make heaps of bread on one day and then freeze it? I’d love to be enlightened about these housekeeping secrets.

I would like to incorporate some more structure into my home life, I feel like it would bring about more rhythm and therefore less thinking and therefore more time! Or maybe I’m just deluded and need to let go of this constant striving to Get It Together until my family is older…

Who knows!


One thought on “getting organised

  1. I also dream of a more organised life. However, after recently parting with a housemate who helped with some of the housework, we have renegotiated the rhythm of tasks in our house, which for me means letting go of the cleaning schedule. I like to know when things will happen because it makes me feel secure (Monday for slow cooking; every second day for clothes washing; floors vacuumed at least every third day), but the husband likes to do things when he’s good and ready. In the beginning, this made me feel terrified, but instead of protesting I decided to see what would happen if I let that pattern emerge. This morning he cleaned the toilets. And tonight, while dinner is cooking, I’ll be doing last night’s dishes. I don’t love the slightly messier house, but I have found some peace in knowing that things will get done eventually. Interestingly, this new set-up offered me reading time on our front verandah while the sun was setting last night. And last Saturday I read the weekend paper for the first time in years. I didn’t even feel bad that the floors were unvacuumed, the dishes were not done and the clothes were sitting folded in baskets. Tomorrow the husband will be home with the kids so tonight’s dishes will most likely get done tomorrow by the husband and probably the floors will be vacuumed. If not, it’ll get done by one of us sometime on the weekend. What do you think?

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