We’ve been around. We’ve been here and there. But from this space, I’ve been absent. It’s been nice to have an unintended break, but I’ve also missed you all!

We spent some wonderful time breathing in the fresh Gippsland air over the long weekend and visiting the ever popular Kongwak Market of course. We’ve spent some time cooking, sorting, playing in the back yard and op shopping.

It’s all been lovely and homey.

And then this morning my husband went downstairs to feed the animals, only to find one of our dogs, Wilson, had killed one of my bunnies, Arwen. I’ve had pets come and go during my childhood. But this is the first of my very own pets to go, without parental support (in a monstrous way I might add). I’m the grown up now, the grown up who found herself sitting in the rabbit run sobbing, with her 19 month old’s arms around her neck.

My other bunny, Suki, is currently inside, moping underneath the couch with his little chin resting on the floor in between bouts of digging at the floor boards. He and Arwen were best buds for three years, for their entire lives. I hope our company is enough for him from now on.


4 thoughts on “absent

    • Thanks Jessie. Wilson has received a few pats from me since yesterday. He can’t help it, it’s in his nature to want to catch something small that moves fast! He was just trying to play 😦 Thanks for your comment xo

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