crafty weekend ideas

Maybe you’re looking at a deliciously scrumptious pile of vintage zips like I am, or maybe you’re feeling that little itchy twitchy in the ends of your fingers… Maybe you’re preparing for a Buy Nothing New Christmas or maybe you’re after a little treat yourself. Here are a few awesome tutorials I have stumbled across. Do come back and tell me what you make!

:: Winter is over (down here anyway), so here are some really cool things to do with all your woollen jumpers that you can’t wait to see the back of.

::  Sew Mama Sew has heaps of ace tutorials for all sorts of things. I can’t just pick one to share with you. Have a look at them all!

:: It’s so hard to find things for little boys. But how cute is this hat?

:: This has got to be the best lined zipper pouch tutorial I have come across. I used this as a beginner to zips and found it really great to follow compared to some others. Go on, give it a go!

:: Another great one from see kate sew is this really basic easy peasy skirt. I’ve made a few skirts for Baby and friends this week and never before realised HOW EASY cute skirts are! I’m so totally a springy skirt girl now. See me down the street? I’m the one in the skirt.

Mwa! Happy weekending to you all.




6 thoughts on “crafty weekend ideas

  1. Would love to see your finished skirts! I’m also attempting a homemade christmas with the exceptions a few books. Love the boys hat. It’s so hard to find tutorials for older boys items. Thanks 🙂

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