more business of being born

I just got back from my first Maternity Coalition Movie Night. I am so thrilled my friend R invited me. It was great and fabulous and the film we watched was GOOD and I liked it. I was sitting there watching it and forming words in my mind to type into this blog tomorrow. But now I’m here and I’m home and buzzing from the atmosphere there so I just have to, I just have to post it now!

So many pregnant ladies and I have come home with all their positive abundant energy, phew and wow! Rhea Dempsey spoke after the film and she just rounded off the whole evening perfectly. Oh, that and the fact that my midwife from Baby’s birth was there which was just wonderful and lovely and full of hugs and kisses on the cheek and all motherly midwifey such and such.

There was popcorn and chocolate muffins too.

Night all xo


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