getting organised

List, list, scribble, scribble. Quite boring really, isn’t it? Am I intriguing you with my wonderfully whimsical photography? What a bundle of entertainment I am. Nevertheless, the scribbly scribbly you see in the pictures above are a little insight into the daily runnings of our life. I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat.

Although I went back to work two days a week TEN months ago, I have had a lot of trouble getting into a weekly rhythm, and flowing between my work and home lives which I have talked about previously. Months later, I am slowly getting there. I thought I would share with you today the things that have helped me get things together and not feel like a headless chook (most of the time).

:: I have a million places where I record my week including a paper diary as well as my iPhone/mac calendar, which I am slowly trying to consolidate, but we sit down usually on a Sunday to bring the whole family’s activities together on our weekly planner. We were given this one as a gift but you could just as easily whip up a similar table in excel or word and use that.

:: I plan out our meals weekly according to what is in our organic fruit and vegetable box. I work Mondays and Tuesdays, and our fruit and veg arrives on a Wednesday, so it works quite well getting organised at the ‘start’ of my week. I have used a few different meal planners but prefer this one which I found here along with some other great meal planning resources.

:: Wednesdays I make a soup using all our leftover veg from the previous week which gets eaten for dinner that night and subsequent lunches/freezer meals. This will change soon due to summer coming, not sure quite what I will do for the Wednesday meal then (ideas?).

:: I have a daggy old notebook that sits on the kitchen bench. As I plan meals and run out of things during the week, I write it down straight away either under ‘supermarket’ / ‘organic shop’ / ‘local shops’. The next step would be to have a set day that I go shopping on, which currently doesn’t happen and is very sporadic.

:: Clothes in the washing machine each morning + hung out in the afternoon/evening, including a nappy wash every second or third day. This seems to work semi-well although we often run behind and have to catch up on weekends.

:: Sunday afternoon cooking session. On Sundays I usually cook up some brown rice or quinoa to have in the fridge for odd lunches or other meals throughout the week. I also try to make a batch of veg muffins and have just started making these amazing power bars from a great blog my sister introduced me to which have been a hit.

There are many more things I’d like to incorporate into my weekly rhythm, and many I have in addition to those above that I have not included here. It’s a work in progress, but that’s life, right?

Do you have weekly routines or rhythms that help you flow through your day to day life?


2 thoughts on “getting organised

  1. oh how I dream of being more organised….I have my notebook for all work related issues which I can’t live without but as far as the home goes I am a little bit all over the place. We have quite a good vege garden and then it is off to the local shops (everyday) after the dreaded decision has been made about what to have for dinner…..In my next life I will be ‘organised plus’.
    I think I will print out the weekly planner and give it a go….thanks for inspiring me to try again ♥Jo

    • No worries Jo, I usually only do one week at a time as the fortnight is just a bit to much for my wee brain to handle, but I have found it’s been so much easier (even if you do go to the shops each day) to not have to THINK about it every day! Just look at the thingy and it will tell you what you’re having 🙂 Good luck! Let me know how it goes! x

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