a crochet kinda week

With a few ups and downs last week I found some steady comfort in the hook. A new baby was born into our family last weekend which kicked me into gear. First appeared a little birdie for a new little boy… then one for his big sister, and the obligatory baby hat of course, both which I forgot to take photos of. Baby was quite taken by the ‘bords’ so I made her a special rainbow one minus the buttons and so on which she has been carrying around the place. A jar cosy also entered the mix.

You can find patterns of the little bird here, the jar cosy here, and many other wonderful ones here! Fantastic site where all your crochet dreams will come true.

We’ve also been discussing the divide between knitting and crochet. Crochet makes sense to me, yet I only learnt last year and have been ‘knitting’ for many years resulting in nothing more than a pathetic crooked looking scarf every few years. Can you knit and not crochet or vice versa? Or are you incredibly and wonderfully and totally amazingly talented and can do both super well?


One thought on “a crochet kinda week

  1. Crochet wins hands down for me……there are no rules if you don’t want their to be…..you can make things up as you go…..I LOVE IT!!!!!! And it is faster. With crocheting I can work out how to make simple things like baby beanies but would have no idea with knitting….
    Your pieces above are beautiful….I will give the bird a go.

    Xoxo Jo

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