fat quarter frenzy

Not long ago the lovely lady from Green Tea and Red Nails organised a vintage sheet fat quarter swap which I took part in. I’ve had a lovely pile of fat quarters sitting in my sewing room ever since. We have been staring at each other for weeks, they’ve been taunting and pointing at me, daring me to bring out the snippety snaps.

So I did.

Yesterday I decided the day had arrived to do something with the lovely florals, and do something I did.

I made three cushion covers using one of the fat quarters (the yellow floral), some material I bought a few months ago from the Kongwak Vintage Market (GREAT market!) and backed them all with a thrifted pale blue polkadot tablecloth. They were very simple to make and not having made one before I used this tutorial. Easy peasy!

Then for the quilt – gah. I have never made a quilt before and had some great advice from people to do sensible things like “Look up a tutorial on you-tube” or “I have a quilting book you can borrow” and “My mum is happy to give you a lesson”. Oh yes, thank you, I knodded eagerly and smiled earnestly at all their well meaning suggestions. Then I ran away secretly and just made it up myself, all the while wondering what can be so hard about a quilt? Oh dear.

Cutting up all the squares. Yah, fine, no problems!

Sewing them together. Still good!

Ironing all the seams flat. Easy!

Cutting the backing to match the front… getting harder…

Putting it all together with the quilty stuff in the middle and then turning it around (thinking I had to do that – first of many mistakes) to make it all look lovely and criss-crossy and neat and wonderful – DISASTER!!!!!

Sorry well meaning friends, I am hiding in the corner of quilting shame and will be taking all of your advice next time [sad, bashful face]. The photo looks alright, from a distance. Please don’t zoom in. And if you do, I can tell that you have, from the statistics of this blog. Mwahahahaha!

Ok, all the old-lady fumes from the fat quarters are making me giddy, so I think it’s a good time to end this post. Now.


8 thoughts on “fat quarter frenzy

    • Oh, thanks Jo, it really was a disaster – there is puckering all over it. I have since looked up a few tutorials (haha) and have seen where I went completely wrong. At least I can only improve from here! Thanks for all your lovely comments, it’s so nice to get them. xo

  1. If your quilt is a quilt, then it is a success! Everything your friends are trying to teach you are also just techniques someone made up on a whim one day and perfected over years and passed them down. In fact, I feel that you learn more figuring it out as you go. I don’t see that you did anything wrong at all, just different! They are all beautiful!

    • Thank you! I have come to love the quilt… it’s on the end of our bed. All crooked and wonky! You’re right, I will have a much better understanding of what to do next time having tried it on a whim! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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