a snowy interlude

Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing about my emergence from winter, spring salads, sunshine and the new season.

Then I found myself here:

Quite a shock, really, as when we were packing to head up the mountain for four days we knew the ski season had closed and were just hoping for some patches of snow to show Baby and play around in. As we were winding our way up and the snow began to fall, we were very relieved that we had borrowed my Aunty’s 4WD at the last minute, instead of taking our little VW. Phew!

And here we are. Four days of lying around by the fire, walks in the snow, looking out the window, reading books and watching movies. Not quite sure of how to get the car out of here but I’m sure we’ll figure it out, perhaps with some help from the neighbours.

This morning we went for a walk. I had to be peeled from the couch by Prince Charming, and he was subjected to a lot of moaning and groaning about how much he was pestering me and how it was meant to be a relaxing weekend, etc. Then I got my grump off and stepped out into the crisp air. (Thanks PC, my love, you’re mostly always right… I should remember that.) We borrowed a little snow suit from a friend which worked a treat. (For Baby, not for me.) It tucked away little hands and feet and was apparently just bought from ALDI. Who knew.

Straight back to the couch for lunch and a coffee. Started watching Julia and Julia but then it jammed and I couldn’t be bothered moving my chocolate and wine laden derrière from my present position to try to fix it. So, here I am.

My time spent on the couch has been more than productive, let me tell you.

:: I’ve been reading some tips for transitioning to a healthier diet from the writer of a fantastic blog – For the Love of Food.

:: Looking at food ideas (aimed at kids) to avoid the afternoon slump.

:: Getting inspired and/or intimidated by wonderful crochet and more wonderful crochet.

:: Thinking about getting fit for summer (note the emphasis on thinking.)

:: Starting to plan what to make for Christmas presents for this year, after my first attempt at a Buy Nothing New Christmas last year.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekends, wherever you are! Where are you and what are you doing? I’d love to know!



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