a night away, a night alone.

This day, one week ago, Prince Charming and I had arrived back from our very first night away from Baby.

We stayed not far from home, along the Yarra River. We went walking and saw a platypus which was really exciting as they are very shy. We sat by the fire, ate pizza, drank wine, and generally just enjoyed each other’s company. It really was lovely.

The next morning we planned to sleep in. I set my alarm for 8.30am just in case we slept through without our normal wake up call as we were really looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and the paper – uninterrupted!

I slowly roused from sleep the next morning and Prince Charming was also stirring. What time is it? I asked…



When we were checking out we were chatting to a couple from New Zealand who were over for a holiday. They were a little shocked we had waited so long to have a night on our own! Ah well, we are glad we waited as long as we did. To go away and not be ready would have defeated the purpose I suppose.

I really missed my girl, but the break was welcomed and she had a lovely time with grandparents fussing over her – including a team of FIVE doting adults taking her to her swimming lesson on Saturday morning!









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