a better day

Last week Baby had a really bad day at childcare. All week I dreaded having to take her back. I selfishly arranged for Kristian to take her so that I didn’t have to watch her little face crumple into despair as I left. I soon changed my mind when I realised that I could drop her off at least an hour later than Kris would have to.

By the time Monday night came around I felt really nervous. Old school nerves, like the ones I used to get before an exam or something. I tried not to show it and did my best to razzle up some excitement in the kid before we took off to the centre, babbling about how much FUN it was going to be to see all the KIDS and the SANDPIT and that SWING and YAY isn’t it just so EXCITING? You get the picture.

I was pleasantly surprised when we got there. Although she did her quiet nuzzle when we walked into the room, she seemed much more relaxed than last week. We were a bit later than the previous week and all the other kids were sitting up for morning tea – FRUIT. Phew, thank goodness, a favourite snack! Bingo! She happily sat up to the table although kept checking to make sure I was close behind her chair.

They have a volunteer at the centre, I think it might be someone’s granddad. My mother in law had told me about him after she picked Baby up a few weeks ago. Yesterday morning he was there, and our Baby has taken quite a shine to him. When I went to leave, I kissed her goodbye and Bill went straight to her side to comfort her. She did the breathless cry – you know the one, where not much sound comes out for a number of seconds, the lips go blue, then comes the high pitched wail. It means business and is not fun to watch, hear or feel.

This time I decided to linger in the hallway outside the room when I left, to comfort myself more than anything, and to find out how long it took her to settle after I left. By the time I closed the door and peeked straight back in, Baby was busy showing Bill a piece of apple. “Yes, you’ve got an apple there by the looks of things,” he was saying to her as she held it up toward his face.

Phew. Phew, phew, phew.

I rang again at around 10am and she was happily playing, had been in the swing, and was busy following Bill around wherever he went.

Phew, phew.

My mother in law picked her up at 2pm as we decided that the day last week was much too long. Hopefully we’ll be able to organise it so that someone can pick her up early for a little while, until things settle down. If they don’t settle down, well, that is another story.

I feel a bit better about the whole thing. The staff were really supportive and it really helped that there was someone there who Baby had a connection with.

I just hope Bill is there again next week!


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