little moments of inspiration

I had some time to sew the other day while Baby was asleep. I just couldn’t seem to make a decision about which project to tackle, what pile of material to stare at, or where to start. I ended up looking at my bookmarks in my very organised category ‘CREATE’, but again was overwhelmed by all the projects and ideas I have saved in there.

I ended up looking at the things to make on one of my favourite blogs tiny happy, gave the sewing machine the flick and made about a million (exaggeration) of these paper globes. I used old scraps of paper and some vintage wallpaper I bought from an antique shop ages ago.

You should try it yourself!


8 thoughts on “little moments of inspiration

  1. I sometimes get that overwhelming feeling too when it comes to all the projects I would like to make. The globes were a great way of getting creative but not starting a huge project. Thank you for stopping by my blog this week. x

    • Thanks so much for your comment! You certainly did spot a bit of stitched wallpaper there… I got a few rolls from a local secondhand shop a while ago. I lined a whole lot of drawers with it, covered a few used tins for toothbrushes, pencils, etc, but still had heaps left over so I’ve been sewing squares of the wallpaper onto squares of cardboard and using them for gift cards, which is what you can see in the pic! Fun!

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