the face of birth

I was sent a link to the preview of the Australian documentary ‘The Face of Birth’. I have watched the preview twice and it has stirred many emotions within me. I can’t wait to see this film.

You can visit the face of birth website for more information here and watch extras and so on here.


3 thoughts on “the face of birth

  1. This looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing the links. I learned so much reading Ina May Gaskin’s book. Though I had a midwife hospital birth I would have loved the option of a homebirth.

    • Thanks Tania, I love Ina May Gaskin’s book too. Although my favourite was Sarah Buckley’s book – gentle birth, gentle mothering. I think I liked it better as it is Australian and seemed more ‘real’ to me. I gave birth to Nella in a midwife run Birth Centre at our local public hospital too, although strongly considering a homebirth for next time.

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