an early morning walk

Baby has taken to sleeping all night in her new room (!!) but waking up quite early, sometimes as early as 5am, though the last few days it has rounded off to around 6am. Like I have mentioned before, I am not a morning person, but for some reason I was feeling rather chipper on Friday and when Prince Charming was heading out with Baby and the dogs for a walk in the brisk morning fog, I decided to join them.

Every time I get up early I love being up… Awake, aware and outside in the fresh and quiet morning air. If only my bed wasn’t so unbelievably warm and cosy, and my eyelids so heavy. Imagine everything I could get done if I got up at 6am every day!




2 thoughts on “an early morning walk

  1. The photos really give you that great feeling of the day starting.
    My son use to rise at 4.30 am everyday from a babe, no matter what we tried. We learnt who were a ll the other early risers in our community as we saw their lights on as we wandered the streets. Even now as a 20 year old he is an early riser.

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