grains + legumes + nuts + seeds

Today is day two of the 30 Day Vegan – Whole Food Cleanse being run by Heather at Beauty that Moves. I’m a couple of days behind as I signed up so late! After getting some grainy inspiration from the course yesterday, I decided to get my act into gear and fill some of the glass jars I have been storing in our cupboard, which has been quietly driving Prince Charming mad. I have been continually washing and saving our jars, turning into a frizzy flame-haired monster if one of them is thrown out, but have not been filling them. Prince Charming, this post is dedicated to you, my love.

Yesterday I filled jars with red lentils, quinoa, sesame seeds, flaked almonds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, brown rice, LSA, red kidney beans… and then I ran out of jars that I could find lids for. Amazing how much satisfaction can be derived from pouring things into jars and seeing them all full and clean on the shelf.

I am one step closer to getting my whole foods kitchen set up.


One thought on “grains + legumes + nuts + seeds

  1. Good on you sis, although the kitchen at my place isn’t as organised as this i am making do on day two of the challenge. Feelin’ good!

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